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لوني المفضل Cadetblue
 رقم العضوية : 4175
 تاريخ التسجيل : Jan 2022
 فترة الأقامة : 107 يوم
 أخر زيارة : يوم أمس (08:57 PM)
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افتراضي Aventura Mall New Capital

Aventura Mall New Capital

If you want to invest in Aventura Mall New Capital, it is one of the best and very promising investment projects in case you are looking for a commercial unit in the middle of a qualified residential area
EG Master Group launched a wonderful group of projects in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, including Aventura Mall, which is located in the most prestigious neighborhoods, the seventh district, and is close to the regional ring road, which is one of the most important first features that are unique to it, and it is one of The finest and most modern malls that have been designed at the best levels of construction according to the modern Spanish style.

The real estate developer has been keen to choose a distinguished location near all services, important institutions, roads, and main axes, in order to guarantee you the largest percentage of attraction from customers and investors, and the prices inside the mall are distinctive and are the best ever compared to the neighboring malls and all the services that you will receive If you are one of the initiators of buying inside the mall.

Aventura Mall New Capital Location
Aventura Mall has a vital location that distinguishes it from others, as it is based in the best and most prestigious neighborhoods in the New Administrative Capital, where the seventh district is R7. It also overlooks the regional ring road that connects many important areas, thus becoming one of the most important interests of investors and customers.

The most important features of Aventura Mall location:

The mall is located close to all the activities and vital areas that customers visit in Cairo.
The mall is close to the main roads and axes, including the regional ring road and the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, which is one of the arteries of the new administrative capital.
In addition, it overlooks the most famous roads, including the Suez and Ain Sukhna Roads, where you can access it and to it easily.
Aventura mall is located in the heart of Downtown, which is characterized by its wonderful wide streets and an area of ​​​​80 square meters.
A short distance from the distinguished neighborhoods such as the diplomatic district, the financial district, and the government district.
In a few minutes, you can reach the Presidential Palace and the New Capital Airport.
It is close to the fairgrounds, and the most important religious institutions, including the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the cathedral, the opera house, the conference center, the train station, and the medical city.

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